The foundation for successful real estate.

Numerous factors play a vital part in a property’s success. Above all however the quality of work or living is of highest priority, as well as the profitability of the real estate, starting with the first investment reaching to the daily operating costs. The earlier professional conception and planning flow into the project, the more cost efficient and success-oriented it can be developed.

LIDEVELOPMENT can offer professional consulting, know-how and final implementation in the following fields of business:

pointConsulting in the search of the optimal location and use concepts

pointConsulting in the search for project and development companies

pointContinual project support

pointCounselling on location choice in the context of the city and
pointregional development

pointConsulting and execution in the process of rezoning (from agricultural to
pointresidential/industrial land), as well as co-ordination of the
pointauthorization procedure

pointConsulting during the period of architect selection

pointBuilding permit: consulting, submission and ongoing support up to the
pointreceipt of the final permit

pointSelection and support with financing possibilities