Account#   130 034349
Bank code   16300
VAT#   ATU58366814
FN 113747a

Managing Partner
Stephanie Lippert & Christiane Lippert

Contact c.lippert@lidevelopment.at



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Purpose of the Business

1 Acquisitions, sales, lease, amortization and other utilizations of commercial
abstandproperties and real estate projects;

2 Consultancy in the acquisition, sale, lease, amortization and other utilizations of
abstandcommercial properties as well as the management of commercial properties and
abstandreal estate projects;

3 Practice of commerce in accordance with § 124 Z. 10 GewO;

4 Advanced training of third parties in the activities detailed by the
abstandbusiness purpose;

5 Investment in other companies with similar or related business purposes;

6 The company is authorized to all enterprises and measures necessary and
abstandexpedient to furthering the business purpose, particularly investments in other
abstandcompanies both domestic and foreign as well as the takeover of management
abstandand representation of said companies and the formation of domestic and foreign
abstandsubsidiary offices. Bank transactions are excluded.

Regulatory agency in accordance with ECG

Magistratisches Bezirksamt des IX. Bezirkes in Wien

Chamber of Commerce Membership/Trade organisation

Wirtschaftskammer Österreich

Design & Programming
Konstantin Demblin, k4 productions